Six top exercises that will put you in shape

top exercices

Exercises are crucial for both our health and body shape. In this article, we will mention some of those exercises that will help you get a lot better


Aerobics depend basically on effort, as it will increase your heart rate and breathing rate. After a while of practising aerobics, you will notice that you are better at climbing stairs, running, and all of those activities that get us tired. Aerobics include walking, running, riding a bike, and you can also attend classes for them while you are at the gym.


As we get older, we lose our muscle flexibility. Everyday activities become harder; you feel tired while carrying the grocery, you have a backache if you bend down to carry your child, and the simplest activities increase your breathing. Stretching will help you maintain your muscle flexibility and strength them so that you will not worry about your daily activities.

Strength training

Those exercises are designed specially to strengthen your muscles and build new ones. Also, it is known that the more muscles you have, the less the fats in your body, as your body will use those fats to burn calories and build muscles.

Kegel exercises

These exercises are designed specially to strengthen your pelvic area. They also have a significant role in preventing incontinence, which is non-ability to control the urinary bladder. These exercises are essential for both men and women.

Balance exercises

These are special to maintain the right balance, especially as we get older and lose the ability to maintain our balance.


Yoga is one of the most famous exercises that people can practice. It helps you breathe better, improve your balance, stretch your body, and reduce depression and anxiety.

Finally, for everyone who is reading this article, you should get up now and any simple form of physical activity, do it on a regular daily basis. As time passes, you will feel more refreshed and healthy. You will also want to go to a gym or attend sports classes that will make you better physically and mentally.


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