Do you want longer hair? These 10 tips will help to have strong, healthy long hair

longer hair

You may regret having had your hair cut so short, or you may be trying to grow your hair faster for an event, but you don’t know how to encourage your hair to grow in a single week. Do simple things:

-Such as adjusting your hair care or trying treatments that can help your hair grow faster in a short period.

-You can also adjust your diet to include foods and vitamins that make your hair grow faster.

-You can also bring brewer’s yeast into your diet! (A delicacy in the green salad!) Available in supermarkets or organic shops.

-Mustard or nigella oil on the scalp, let it rest 1 hour or more (the whole day possible)

-Castor oil works well, special bottles for hair can be found in grog stores.
Be careful to have a healthy scalp and not weakened’ otherwise the oils could have an irritating effect.

long hair

There are several tricks to accelerate hair growth and here are the 5 gestures you should do to take care of your hair to have it longer and stronger.

1-Get a haircut. At first, it seems so essential to cut your hair to remove the very damaged ends. It is this action that will optimize the care that
promotes hair growth. Damaged ends are the enemy of long hair. They are generally dry, split, and therefore brittle. If you have brittle hair, your hair will become shorter

2-Brushing with a good brush (ideally boar bristles). This daily gesture is very beneficial for the hair and scalp.try to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush for 5 minutes morning and evening. This gesture will massage the scalp and promote its oxygenation. Who says oxygenation, says accelerated growth!

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3-Use oil bath before shampoo. This gesture will nourish the hair, preserve it and make it more beautiful. It’s preferable to use a mixture of oil or natural vegetable oil (ex: coconut oil) and leave it on for at least 30 minutes / 1 hour. This gesture should be done once a week or every two weeks. The hair will be stronger and less brittle.
4-Wash your hair gently, so as not to mistreat the hair and damage it.

5-Food supplements. Once or twice a year, take a cure for food supplements to accelerate growth. usually do it in autumn and spring, when we lose a little more hair. Combined with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, it accelerates hair growth! the trick to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss, rub it with birch sap.

– Using neutral henna is good for hair, but it should not be coloured.

-Put your head upside down and massage your scalp for 3 to 4 minutes maximum of 3 days per week.

10 tips to know to accelerate hair growth

Don’t wash them every day
Use conditioners and masks regularly
Don’t underestimate essential and vegetable oils
Massage your scalp
Exfoliate your scalp
Gently brush your hair
Avoid cotton pillowcases
Take food supplements
Rinse hair with cold water
Rinse your hair with apple vinegar

To have a beautiful mane, you have to treat it like the most beautiful cashmere!


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