What is the best diet for a 50-year-old man to lose weight?


lose weight

What would be the best diet to lose weight for men over 50 without regaining it afterwards, with no training

The easiest way is to control what comes in, especially the dense sugar and fat content, without depriving yourself (otherwise you can’t hold on):

replace the sugar squares by sweetening sugar drops.
banish sodas (if you really want to drink something other than water, preferably a fruit juice)
Avoid chips/cookies/cakes/sweets, replacing them with fruit or vegetable snacks.
as an accompaniment, prefer vegetables to starchy foods, and worse, to starchy foods soaked in fat (French fries).
if you are adept at accumulating beers on all occasions, control the number per week, and find your ideal alternative for a game.
Sport has very little effect on losing weight (except at the Olympic level). On the other hand, it is essential to do at least a little bit of it (already just a little bit of walking or cycling here and there, even 15 minutes).

What is the essential element of weight loss?

As said before, several elements are necessary to lose weight or maintain a good weight.

First, you need to start with:

An appropriate mind and a solid knowledge of your body as well as of food.

Among the mind, the most thing you should have is the will to achieve a certain weight. It depends mainly on the love you have for your body. You only have one, and you quickly spoil it. A healthy weight helps to cure, prevent and cure illnesses and diseases more easily. A healthy weight goes hand in hand with a healthy body and a healthy mind. So the greatest motivation is to give your body good food to reward it for all the things it goes through throughout its life, fatigue, stress, injuries and illnesses. And also to give your body the means to serve you and to live.

I think that among the mind, there is also listening to the body. If we pay attention, it makes us understand what it needs: water, sugars, fat and proteins, minerals, vitamins etc. We often have desires related to what our body wants. Of course, if we have addictions or illnesses you must be aware of them.

Knowledge is mostly related to our body type and activities. Our real needs vary according to our age, genetics and physical activity (an athlete or a person doing physical work will not require the same energy as a retired person without physical activity or an infant). Analyzing our morphology and our calorie needs is essential.

Knowledge also of food:

Which food provides us with which type of calories?. What do we eat, and what does our body do with it?. Does it burn, does it store, does it reject, does it become dependent?.

Some applications help us to keep track of what we eat and indicate the exact number and type of calories so that we can monitor and analyze our calorie intake.

Knowing what makes up an egg, a pastry, a vegetable, or other food helps us to be aware and to dose well. For example, you’d be surprised at the sugar content of a glass of orange juice, which you might think is healthy because it’s full of vitamins. It is better to eat the orange which contains enough vitamins but will give us a much more satisfying feeling of satiety. This way, we can also allow ourselves small treats while knowing if we will have to compensate afterward or not 😉

Breakfast is essential and must be balanced

Cereals and fruit are ideal to start the day. Take your time to prepare it and eat it so that you don’t feel like eating until lunch. This way you break the night’s fast, and the body “starts” its machines to transform food into energy, including the food it has stored from the night before. This allows you to lose weight.

Regular physical activity

Regular physical activity is important, and once again, here, the love for our body helps us. Sport is not just about losing weight. It’s about creating or maintaining healthy muscles, from our back, for example, which is the mast of our body, to the heart muscles that supply our organs with blood. It’s preventing a lot of physical (and mental) pain, especially when our health is already fragile. Here too, knowing your body and its limits is essential.

The most important thing is not to deprive ourselves permanently, that is the most important thing.

The most important thing is not to deprive yourself permanently; this leads to frustration and a desire to be rewarded – with food.

Also, avoid sodas and sugary drinks that are poisonous to our bodies and make us gain weight unnecessarily – learn to drink tea or sugar-free fruit juices, and snub coca colas and the like. Be very careful with our consumption of alcohol which is caloric and bad for our body.

Finally, eat consciously! Enjoy every bite. Chew well, don’t eat too fast, and don’t do anything else at the same time, especially at begining to lose weight . With time, you learn to know your needs and you can watch a movie or work if you don’t have enough time, knowing the right dose.


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