How to do 10 minutes of sport per day

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All it takes is 10 minutes of sport a day to improve your figure. 10 minutes isn’t long. Get into the habit of doing these gym exercises in the morning or evening and you will quickly see the results on your body. Here is a toning program with a few movements to perform every day. 10 minutes, no more, I promise!

The sports program

  1. Work on one area of the body a day: abs-buttocks on Monday, thighs on Tuesday
  2. These exercises allow muscular reinforcement; they also act as anti-stress, help balance and coordination of movements.
  3. On weekends, maintain a cardio workout to increase your heart’s performance and resistance.
  4. In 10 minutes, you can do 3 sets of each exercise, but those who have the time can do 5 sets of each. Friday remains the day of the stretch alone.
  5. Before each session, there is a gentle warm-up and afterwards, a stretch exercise (you then resume Friday’s exercises).

The conditions

You create the space around you and stand in front of a mirror to correct position or movement if necessary. – The ideal is to do the exercises on an empty stomach to burn as many calories as possible. It is not dangerous to work on an empty stomach as long as you do not do cardio training. Make sure you have water next to you and drink a little between exercises as soon as you feel the need.

Namely – Those who only have 10 minutes a day will be content to follow this programme, adding a cardio training session at the weekend. – Those who have a little more time will do the Friday stretch session at the end of each session. – Those who have all the time in the world will do all the exercises every day (from Monday to Thursday) + at the end of their programme, the Friday stretch session. – Between each series, allow yourself 15 seconds of recovery time with 5 to 6 complete breaths: inhalation through the nose, long and deep exhalation through the mouth.

Bust Raises This exercise is designed to strengthen the rectus abdominis (the muscle that sculpts the “chocolate slabs” on the stomach). Starting position: lying down, feet resting on a chair or bed so that the knees are aligned with the buttocks (to avoid back problems). Hands behind the nape of the neck, or one hand behind the nape of the neck, the other on the abs, lift the bust by directing the shoulders towards the knees, then go back down while breathing in. Do 3 series of 15 exercises.

Reinforcement of the obliques
Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent, heels close to the buttocks to have the back well stuck to the ground, the ankle on the knee, the leg in full opening, hands behind the nape of the neck, one takes a big breath, one takes off the 2 shoulders from the ground and one finishes the stroke of the movement by a rotation of the bust. one directs the left shoulder towards the right knee, and vice versa. 3 series of 15 exercises on the left, then on the right.

Buttocks: abduction hips
Starting position: Lying down on the side, with the head resting on the bent arm, we bring back the 2 bent legs in front of the abdomen. we stretch the leg which is above and we perform successively a big movement and 5 small movements going up and down. the leg is not in contact with the ground or with the knee. 3 series of 10 groups of movements.

The gluteus maximus
Starting position: lying on the ground, heels close to the buttocks, the buttocks are lifted a few centimetres. The pelvis is raised until the buttocks contract (the contraction is affected by movement and by the individual).

Tuesday: adductor thighs

Squat Starting position: sitting on a chair, the edge of the seat at mid-thigh, ankles aligned, you go up, arms stretched out in front of you to regain balance, then you go down again grazing the chair. you blow as you go up.

Back of the thighs Standing in front of a chair, you put one leg behind you, on the chair. you take a stick in your hand to keep your balance, and you bring your foot back in flexion towards the buttocks. you blow while the heel rises. the two knees are side by side and the abs are tightened completely. 3 series of 20 movements on each side.

Starting position: Lying on your side, pass one leg bent in front and raise the other leg straight. We alternate one big movement, then 5 small ones. 5 series of the group of movements per leg.

At the end of this session, do the stretching exercises of the lumbar and back thighs and release cervical tensions and relax the trapezius muscles.

Wednesday: back shoulders
Complete exercise for the back Starting position: sitting on a chair, pass a stick in front of you, halfway down your shin. contract your abs. take the stick over your head, without digging into your back. 3 series of 15 movements.

Reinforcement of the large backs

Starting position: standing with the stick at arm’s length stretched out, the stick is lowered on the trapezoids, then raised. during the descending phase, the shoulders are lowered as much as possible to make the scapula work well. one inspires while going up, i.e. during the effort. 3 series of 15 movements.

Reinforcement of the rhomboid
Starting position : standing, arms stretched out, hold the elastic in front of you and pull until it touches the chest. Inhale by opening the arms. 3 series of 15 movements.

At the end of this session, do the stretching exercises of the buttocks and lower back and release the cervical tensions and relax the trapezius muscles.

Thursday: abs waist triceps
Abs: bust raising Starting position: lying down, the feet posed on a chair, on its bed… so that the knees are above the buttocks, the hands behind the nape of the neck, one brings back bust and knees while blowing. 3 series of 15 movements.

Exercise to refine the waist Starting position: sitting on the chair, the edge of the chair at mid-thigh, we proceed to inclinations on the sides, then to rotations while taking care to bring the stick in front. we bring the stick, we do not let ourselves fall!
Be careful to keep the back straight, the bust slightly bent forward. alternate 30 rotations to the right and left, and 10 inclinations to the right and left. blow when you go up.

Build up your triceps muscles
Starting position
: sitting on a chair, with your back wedged by the backrest, you bring your arm stretched out above your head, wrist-haltere-elbow aligned. With your other hand, you hold the arm and bring the dumbbell up to the trapeze, and you go up. You blow as you go up.

At the end of this session, do the stretching exercises for the buttocks and lower back of the day on Friday.

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Friday: stretching

Rolls with arms stretched out in front of you, on your legs, you swing backwards while breathing in, then you come back gently, vertebra by vertebra while blowing. be careful not to roll on the neck. to do eight times.
Tips: Turn down the light, put on background music… if you are relaxed, the results will be better!
To breathe well: – Breathe out as you place the body – Breathe normally, but insist on breathing out for a longer period of time while maintaining posture.

The frog Lying down, legs bent, body weight on the ground, let your thighs fall to the side, legs half bent, arms spread out (frog position.) hold this position for 2 minutes, while the weightlessness does its work. you feel all your muscles: triceps, back, buttocks … sink into the ground. when you feel good, you extend your legs, your calves should sink into the ground. hold this position for 2 minutes.


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