10 tips for moving to a new apartment with decorating in mind

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You dreamed of a bigger apartment, a house with a garden, to change city or job, your family has grown, or you want something new in your life …. A lot of reasons project you towards this elsewhere.

So you have to move whether by choice or by necessity, in any case, the time has come to prepare everything so that it goes as smoothly as possible.
An important point for you, you like the decoration and you want to feel good from the first moments in your new living space, this article is for you.
You can make headings: the apartment to leave, the move, the new apartment …Clarify your priorities. Think about the paperwork: Change of address, school registration, bank …

Ten tips to follow

1/ Get organized

It’s simple to start, you settle down at your desk, take a notebook and a pen and write down everything you think about.

2 /Sort

Sorting: I keep, I give, I give back what I’ve lent, I sell.
Organize sorting room by room because sorting the whole apartment at once discourages rather than stimulates.

3 / Measuring

Firstly, take measurements of your new apartment.

you have to know the constraints of spaces for your move (staircase, narrow door, floor, size of the elevator, stairs),
secondly to know which piece of furniture you keep or not according to the space in which you move. Also, remember to measure the height and width of windows and doors. This will avoid ending up with a sofa or a refrigerator that is too wide and does not fit through the door.

4/ Anticipate your decoration

Define its decorative thread: the colors and spirit desired for each room. This will help not to get lost.
If you don’t know how to choose, do the opposite: define what you don’t want as a decorative theme.

5/Buy smart

Make sales and promotions to buy in advance the essentials; you will save time at the installation.
If you have measured your windows, For instance, you can find beautiful curtains on sale that will hide you from your face to face from the first days of your installation.

6 /Do-it-yourself /Painting

Do you want to keep some of your furniture but it no longer corresponds to your future decor? Think about upholstering, changing the fabric of your favorite armchair. Paint your accessories, your wardrobe, change the color of your table legs … to give them a second life

7/ Packing

Fill in your boxes by function, by room, and by color.
What used to work with your living room can work with your future bedroom and aims vice versa. Start a month in advance if you can. Put different colored tape on your boxes so you can see at a glance what room they’re going to be in. If you don’t want to buy or use plastic bubble wrap, wrap the most fragile things in newspapers or even in your linens.

8/ Calculate the move

Compare the costs of the move and try to find some good deals.
This is essential for making a fair estimate and to know which items of expenditure are to be expected. All this is not a waste of time, as it can help you keep a decorating budget with the savings you will make when choosing the best quality-price option for the move. A well-organized and well-planned move will save you a lot of inconveniences and you will keep your energy for the pleasure of furnishing and decorating your new home sweet home.

9/ Move into a clean home

Washing your new apartment while it is empty will be more convenient and quicker. Imagine being able to put away your dishes in the kitchen units quickly or in the bathroom. This will ensure that you will have fewer boxes stored in your legs for a long time. The apartment will be more pleasant from the very first days.

10/ Starting with the essentials

In conclusion, this is what I call the temporary and pretty decoration. Unless at the beginning you keep both homes, which is complicated when it’s hundreds of miles away, it’s essential to live in your new space for a while before making big decisions like breaking a wall.
Take your time to make your nest. I hope this little starter kit will help you with your next move.

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