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gym near me

A home gym is undoubtedly the dream of many of us. Far from being inaccessible, it can even become a reality, as long as a few basic rules are respected. First of all, find the ideal location in your house or flat. Believe it or not, you don’t need 100 m2 to set it up! The important thing is to optimize the space and choose equipment to create the gym that suits you, far from the hustle and bustle of collective halls. Cardio, fitness, weight training, whatever your favorite sport, it can be practiced correctly at home. Here are a few tips to help you reach your goal!

Lack of time, difficulty in motivating yourself, too expensive membership, promiscuity not always pleasant with other sportsmen and women, so many reasons that make you abandon the collective gym in favor of a home facility. We can find the gym everywhere. In the attic, in the garage, or an old bedroom, or practically anywhere – in the house. The important thing is to ensure adequate room ventilation and to choose suitable floor coverings. As far as equipment is concerned, it’s up to you to choose: although the traditional mats or benches for weight training will inevitably find their place there, the room still needs to be equipped with larger machines, such as a home bike or weight training equipment.

Why practice sport at home?

Practicing any sports activity requires a good dose of motivation and time to devote to it. Sometimes it can be challenging to convince yourself to go to the gym. When the gym is at home, you don’t have to brave the cold or transportation to get there. Regular practice is for sure guaranteed.

Imagine getting up less early in the morning to do your workout or enjoying it in the evening on your way home from work: it makes daily life more comfortable, saves time, and motivates you to continue your efforts. It also saves you a lot of money.

You indeed have to invest initially, for instance, in weight training equipment or the furnishing of the room, but the savings are visible in the long term, where a subscription to a gym can be felt every month.

Another advantage of practicing sports at home is the privatization of space. The freedom to do the exercises you want to do, away from other people’s views, often makes for a more enjoyable workout.

There is no need to share changing rooms and showers with other sportsmen and women when your own bathroom is just a few steps away.

What sport to practice at home?

Gym, fitness, weight training, yoga, pilates, cardio, almost all sports can be practiced at home. As for cardio, practicing it at home, on a treadmill or an exercise bike,  For instance, considerably reduces the risk of injury, common on roads and outdoor paths. Each activity has its equipment, more or less imposing. That’s is why it is essential to adapt your environment to your practice to practice it in the best possible conditions.

Tip: the space set up at home must be large enough so that each movement can be carried out without hindrance. This is particularly the case for activities such as yoga, gymnastics, dance, and pilates.

How do you set up your home gym?

The home gym can be set up as a group gym, with diversity as its watchword. It is the variety of equipment that allows, on the one hand, to break the monotony, and on the other hand, to make one’s body evolve from all points of view (flexibility, cardio, strengthening, bodybuilding).

What you must have are the gym mat – adapted according to whether you what you practice, fitness or yoga, for instance, the weight bench and the dumbbells. Small equipment can also include steps and a gymnastic ball, as well as weights and a skipping rope.

Bulkier but ensuring targeted work, the machines can also be set up at home. These include weight training equipment, treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, and exercise bike. Technological advances now make it possible to fold some of these machines once they are no longer in use, thus saving a considerable amount of space.


choose models that are easy to use, and ask a customer advisor to adjust each machine to ensure optimal use.

How do you set up a gym in your house or flat?

The layout of a home gym you should design according to the type of sport you wish to practice, and vice versa. Defining the right place, whether you live in a flat or a house, is essential. Several parameters must be taken into account, the first of which is the surface area of the room. A minimum of 9 or 10 m2 is required to install at least one machine and a sports mat, with sufficient space to move around. In flats, this can be an old converted room; space created using a partition in a large room, a closed corridor to install equipment all along.

In the house, the attic space can be converted into a fully equipped gym, with storage space in the loft, for example, or fit out the garage.

Other examples are new buildings that allow the perfect location and size of the sports hall to be defined from the outset or a garden shed that can be transformed into a temple for weight training.

Space should be well ventilated

Space should be well ventilated to regulate the humidity level and to evacuate the air polluted by physical exertion. The installation of reversible air conditioning is therefore recommended, particularly to maintain a constant temperature. In all cases, the presence of a usable window is strongly recommended. It also provides a charming supply of natural light. Lighting is also important: no one wants to work hard in the dark. Recessed spotlights are the right solution.
As far as possible, the home gym should be well insulated.

It is best to prevent noises that annoy others by covering the ceiling and walls with an underlay and then with sound insulation or a soundproofing plate. As for the floor, it is most often laminate, but it is possible to turn to more technical floors that absorb shocks.

Provide storage space for small items of equipment. That will free up space for machines such as the exercise bike, making it easier to move around, especially in remote areas. Fitted out serpents, full height lockers, bench-trunk, favoring the height under the ceiling allows gaining floor space. So don’t hesitate to hang up your rope, jump on a hook, or store your bars along the wall.

In conclusion :

– The installation of a TV and/or a speaker system to combine the useful with the pleasant during your sports session at home, so that you don’t have to watch time go by.

– The installation of one or more mirrors at targeted locations that enlarge the space but also help to appreciate and correct postures

– Provide a place to lay out a towel as well as a place to rest once the effort is over (this can be a simple bench or armchair)

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