What Happens to Your Body If You Sleep 8 Hours Every Day

A study shows that 8 hours of regular sleep is not a real luxury, but rather an essential part of a healthy routine. Lack of sleep can seriously affect your mental, emotional, and physical health. Researchers have found that only 36% of Americans get enough sleep. Let’s see what happens when you start prioritizing your sleep.

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You will learn new things faster.


Lack of sleep will affect how you can focus on new skills and remember new things. Scientists have discovered that we process new information while we sleep. In other words, After getting enough rest, your mind and body are better off in the morning than they were the night before you hit the pillow. And this applies to all new skills, from studying to practicing a new sport.

You will be more conscious.

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If you rest regularly enough, your concentration, attention, and problem-solving skills will work at their optimum level. You can think more clearly and make decisions more quickly.

You will control your weight easier.

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This study showed that when we sleep we produce a hormone called leptin, which tells our body that we are full and no longer need food. If we do not get enough rest, the balance gets upset and we start craving food.

You’ll have flawless skin

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Studies showed that students who slept enough recovered from exposure to UV light better than their sleep-deprived friends.
Their skin also healed more quickly from minor trauma.
Getting enough sleep makes you look younger. Sleep is the time when our bodies do their best repair work.

Your health will improve.

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Scientists have found that getting enough sleep not only lowers our stress levels but also prevents the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Lack of sleep can also lead to all kinds of heart problems.

You may prevent the development of diabetes.

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Research has shown that sleep makes a big difference in regulating blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, and thus preventing type 2 diabetes. It seems that the “deep sleep” phase is particularly critical in this respect, and if you shorten your sleep time, you will probably skip this important part.

You won’t feel so hungry


Did you know that eight hours of sleep makes it much easier to regulate appetite and weight?

When we sleep, our body is able to produce the right amount of leptin, this hormone lets our brain know that we are full and that it’s time to stop eating. If we don’t get enough sleep, we find it difficult to regulate our hormone levels, and this imbalance leads to attacks of voracious appetite.

Your skin will look better.

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Our skin is a very good indicator of our general health and well-being. You can hide it, but you cannot deceive it. Our skin is our largest organ and is constantly exposed to the weather, UV rays, dust, and the sun.

You’ll be a safer driver.

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We have all driven, at least once when we were very tired. And although it often seems that we have no choice, we must start making that choice a priority. This study has shown that drivers who have not had enough sleep tend to behave more like drunk drivers.

Your balance will improve.


If you get enough sleep, your coordination and balance improve and you avoid all kinds of physical injuries and accidents. How much sleep do you normally get?

Do you feel better when you get the 8-hour break?

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