5 Amazing Tricks To Use When Grilling Fresh Fruits

According to experts, almost all types of fruit can be cooked on a grill. These fruits are fairly easy to cook: Apples, Pears, while papayas, peaches and other soft fruits require more attention. Tender fruit should be heated on the grill and not cooked to prevent it from becoming mushy.

Try a delicious and healthy snack today. Use these amazing tips when grilling fresh fruit:

Prepare them the right way

One thing you would like to avoid is pieces of fruit falling through the grill grates. Cut or slice the fruit into chunks big enough to stay on the grills if you plan to cook them directly on the grill. If you need to cook smaller pieces, you may choose to place them on a frying pan or grilling basket. You can also choose to skewer them – this way you can turn the skewers and make sure your fruit is cooked evenly.

Using indirect heat

Do not toast fruit when the coals are hot – hard fruit will dry out quickly while soft fruit will fall apart easily. They would cook perfectly under indirect heat. Place them on the outside edges of the grill or when the coals have started to burn out.

Grilling soft fruit with the skin on

Leaving the skin on the grids helps to keep the shape of softer fruits such as bananas. Many fresh products also contain many of the nutrients found in the peel.

Prevent them from sticking to your grids

Nobody likes their food to stay on the shelves – your food will be spoiled and cleaning will be difficult. Be sure to brush your fruit with melted butter or an oil of your choice before it reaches the grill to prevent it from sticking. If this is not possible, spray your grills with a non-stick cooking spray before cooking anything.

Add sugar at the last minute

While grilled fruit is delicious on its own, many choose to add more flavour and texture to complement a dish. You can brush fruit with butter or lemon juice or sprinkle it with brown sugar or cinnamon. If you are going to use sugar, be sure to add it at the last minute or when the fruit is heated through, as sugar tends to burn quickly.

When grilling fresh fruit, try these easy but effective tips and tricks and you’re sure to enjoy a deliciously sweet and healthy snack!