Innovative and Fun Ideas for Pool Lighting

In the good old days, the most complete pool lighting installation was the bulb in the deep part of the pool. Other than that, no other lighting or landscaping was considered necessary.

But times have changed. Today, it is not enough to just have the pool. Owners want to have a beautiful pool area that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be used at any time of the day or night for entertainment or personal enjoyment. Nowadays, the possibilities for outdoor lighting around your pool are as unlimited as the lights in your living room.

Lighting around the pool is an important but often neglected element. Underwater and area lighting must be present to ensure the highest degree of safety. For underwater lighting you can always use incandescent or halogen lamps that have been used for years, but an increasingly popular option is fibre optic lighting.

As there is no electricity with fibre optics, they are incredibly safe for use around water. Maintenance is also very easy and the lamps are very customisable. Let’s say you are having a poolside party and you want the pool lighting to match the decorations.

You can add a colour wheel to the light source so that you can quickly change the colour of the fibre optic, all you have to do is quickly change a clip-on lens. You can make the pool even more attractive by adding a strip of fibre optics along the edge of the pool to give it an even sharper look.

If you always choose an incandescent or halogen bulb, pay attention to its location. The biggest problem with these lamps is water glare. If this glare reflects directly into your bedroom window, it is very annoying. If there is no way to avoid this problem, you can install a dimmer switch to minimise it. But if there is an option to avoid glare, you should take it.

You will also want to consider any new LED lighting options available for your pool. From the path around the pool to the pool itself, through the entire patio area, there are many LED lighting options that can be easy to install, energy efficient, easy to maintain, less expensive over time and safer for you and your family as they often do not require electricity and can be powered by solar energy.