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10 Best Retirement Jobs


Are you looking to commit to a job that will not only allow you to spend time with a work schedule during your retirement, but also to earn money? Have you ever heard of the concept of modern work for people who are all ready to retire and looking to start a new career? Well, …

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5 Essentials For Quality Negotiations


One of the most important, though often overlooked, assets and skills needed to be a truly effective quality leader is the knowledge, capacity and expertise to negotiate effectively, in the best interest of one’s organisations! True leaders are constantly confronted with a variety of circumstances where negotiations become an essential component and a necessity. After …

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Start Your New Year Well

new year

A time for reflection can inspire us to start the New Year well. Ask what happened to your intentions and resolutions from last year. If we weren’t enthusiastic or unrealistic in our goals, they can quickly fall by the wayside. It can also be good to rely on someone else to inspire us to lose …

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